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TA² Bottle Top Dispenser

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Product CodeVolumeIncrementAccuracy %Precision % CVOtherType
162-75151 – 10 ml0.2 ml0.0050.001VALVE SPRING: Pt-Ir
162-75251 – 10 ml0.2 ml0.0050.001VALVE SPRING: Pt-IrWITH RECIRCULATION VALVE
162-75351 – 10 ml0.2 ml0.0050.001VALVE SPRING: Ta
162-75451 – 10 ml0.2 ml0.0050.001VALVE SPRING: TaWITH RECIRCULATION VALVE

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Pt-Ir Valve Spring, Pt-Ir Valve Spring with recirculation valve, Ta Valve Spring, Ta Valve Spring with recirculation valve


The VITLAB® TA² dispenser is the dosing device of choice to meet the demanding purity standards required in trace analysis. The high quality parts that come exclusively in contact with the medium and the specially developed and proven cleaning process to be done before use results in a reduced release of trace metal ions to the low ppb range, or, depending on the application, even the ppt range. The parts that are in contact with media are made of various fluoroplastics (e.g. ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE), Al2O3-sapphire, platinum-iridium or tantalum (depending on model).
Thanks to the excellent chemical resistance of the materials used, the new dispenser can also be deployed with highly concentrated acids and bases, such as perchloric, sulphuric and nitric acid. Depending on the application, there is a choice of two different valve spring systems: the VITLAB® TA² with tantalum spring is recommended for dosing of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). For applications using sodium hydroxide (up to a max. concentration of 30%) or hydrogen fluoride (HF) the platinum-iridium spring is recommended. In order to minimize the loss of valuable reagents or sample solutions, VITLAB offers the dispenser with the optional recirculation valve. The practical screwing mechanism and inner toothed bar enable a fast, easy and precise volume adjustment. Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate.
Included in delivery
VITLAB® TA² dispenser (thread GL 45), 3 bottle adapters (GL 28/S 28 (ETFE), GL 32 (ETFE) and S 40 (PTFE), telescopic filling tube, recirculation valve (optionally), mounting tool, quality certificate and operating manual.

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