How it all Started

CC Imelmann was founded in 1970 and based in Booysens, the Crown Mines region of Johannesburg South,  close to “Gold Reef City”  

We specialised in mechanical and physical testing equipment e.g. Hardness,  Tensile, Crush Testers and Paper Testing. Servicing mainly Mines, Metal, Concrete and the Paper Industries.  

In 1988 we moved from the Mechanical testing and diversified to include the Research and Development, Quality Control, Agriculture, Phamaceutical, Petro-chemical and Educational sectors, to name but a few.

We have become one of the leading suppliers of Laboratory Consumables, Chemicals and Equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our spectrum of high quality Laboratory instrumentation, Consumables and Laboratory accessories covers (almost) all aspects of your laboratory needs and requirements.

Our Promise to You.

Our aim and focus is to serve you and your ideas. The degree of our support and guidance comes down to the needs of your Laboratory.

Think of us as the extra nudge to propel your ideas into existence.

Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that, that fuels innovation.

Our sales team’s success is a product of both hard work and the willingness to learn new techniques every day and to help you achieve results and be successful.

  • The Expertise you want,
  • The Service you expect,
  • The value you deserve. 

A Better Shopping Experience

You will benefit from our range of more than 15,000 products, offering you a nearly unlimited selection.

Despite the vast array of products, all products have one factor in common: we only select high quality and excellent cost/benefit relationship manufacturers.

We can support you with rapid delivery of the most frequently required laboratory consumables and smaller equipment items direct from our warehouse. As we stock thousands of items your requirements can usually be fulfilled with very short delivery times.

For you, this means, that whichever item you select, you have made the right decision.


50 Years

We partner with leading Laboratory Manufacturers worldwide to give you the best Quality for your laboratories. As your safety is very important to us we pride ourselves on supplying products that have gone through stringent testing. We are suppliers of superior Quality Laboratory Equipment, Glassware, Porcelainware, Ceramics, Silica, Plasticware, Liquid Handling-Dispensing, Pipetting, Ph Meters, Stirring, Shaking, Ovens, Incubators, Microscopes, Thermometers, Filters, Chemicals.

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All attempts are made to accommodate your needs. Should we not have exactly what you are looking for, an alternative will be offered. However, we will not compromise on Quality.


Pricing & Shipping

We offer very competitive Prices. Best-Price guaranteed. Consistent pricing in line with our Import and Local manufactures. Items are shipped throughout South Africa and Africa using our reliable drivers and couriers. We are also happy to use your Courier, that you trust to get your goods safely to your door