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Portable Meter Knick Portavo 904X

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Product CodeModelParameterScope of Supply
904XpH904XpHPHPortavo 904X for measurement with analog or Memosens pH/ORP sensors in hazardous areas, incl. USB connector cable.
904XSET-PH904XSET-PHPHPortavo 904X pH, SE 554X/1-NMSN Memosens pH sensor, CA/MS- 001XFB-L cable,  field case, USB connector cable, CS-PSET479 CaliMat buffer solution set.
904XCond904XCondCONDPortavo 904X for conductivity measurements in hazardous areas with analog or Memosens conductivity sensors, incl. USB connector cable.
904XSET-COND904XSET-CONDCONDPortavo 904X Cond, SE 204 conductivity sensor with fixed cable,  field case, USB connector cable, ZU 6945 NaCl calibration solution
904XMULTI904XMULTIMULTIPortavo 904X for hazardous areas, for measurement with Memosens sensors, incl. USB connector cable.
904XSET-MULTI904XSET-MULTIMULTIPortavo 904X Multiparameter, SE 554X/1-NMSN Memosens pH sensor, CA/MS- 001XFB-L cable, adapter for Ø 12 mm sensor with PG13.5 thread on  sensor quiver, CS-PSET479 CaliMat pH buffer solution set,  field case, USB connector cable.

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The first ATEX approved portables with Memosens technology for measuring pH&ORP, conductivity and oxygen.
 The world’s only portable device with Memosens technology for liquid analysis with ATEX approval for measurements up to zone 0/1. Ideal for applications in the process industry.
The robust and chemical-resistant housing even survives the standardized drop test from 1 meter onto concrete. High-contrast LCD with scratch-proof mineral glass screen can still be read perfectly after many years.
 More than 1,000 hours of measurement are possible with one set of batteries (4xAA).
 Data logger entries can be shown on the display using an extensive recorder function. The standard micro USB interface enables:
connection to a PC
software updates
The data logger records up to 10,000 values.
The included Paraly SW 112 software enables easy management of recorded values.

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