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Novartos Pharma Zone Sampler, Multi Triple

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Product CodeDiameter (mm)Total Length (mm)Collection ChambersNo. of InsertsMaterialOther
5358-060325600412S/STEEL V4AWITHOUT INSERT
5358-1003251000721S/STEEL V4AWITHOUT INSERT
5358-1403251400927S/STEEL V4AWITHOUT INSERT
5358-0000b25S/STEEL V4AINSERT
5358-0005b25S/STEEL V4AINSERT
5358-0010b25S/STEEL V4AINSERT
5358-0015b25S/STEEL V4AINSERT
5358-0020b25S/STEEL V4AINSERT

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600 mm, 1000 mm, 1400 mm, Insert 0 ml, Insert 0.5 ml, Insert 1 ml, Insert 1.5 ml, Insert 2 ml


With Novartos Multi triple sampling, a triple multi-point sample can be taken from multiple predefined sample zones. Depending on the length, four, seven or nine sample chambers are each fitted with three sample inserts for the triple sampling.
Novartos is the pharmaceutical zone sampler for sampling in accordance with the FDA guidelines for unit dose sampling.
With the Novartos pharmaceutical samplers, multiple individual dose samples (unit dose samples) can be taken from one or more sampling points in a single sampling.
Thanks to the intelligent design of these pharmaceutical samplers, the lance does not have to be inserted into the sampling material several times. This largely prevents mixing. This is an important criterion, especially when sampling very small quantities in the pharmaceutical industry.
Novartos samplers can be used to take a large number of samples quickly and easily, including from the same point, thus allowing for representative reserve samples.
Novartos offers a wide range of sample volumes for selection. Many different inserts with sample volumes from 0 to 2.0 ml (Novartos Multi) or 4.0 ml (Novartos Uno) can be selected and combined. Withdrawal of a sample can be prevented at certain points with dummy inserts (0.0 ml).
The immersion depths of the sample lance can easily be read on a laser-engraved depth scale.
Thanks to the groove-free and electro-polished surface of the pharmaceutical samplers as well as the high-quality workmanship, there are no spaces where sampling residue can collect. This is also a significant advantage for easy cleaning.

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