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Labopette Pipettor, Single-Channel Fixed Volume


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Product CodeVolumeAccuracy %Precision % CVOther
94-755-015 ul0.0250.015SUITABLE TIP 94-901-01
94-755-0210 ul0.0120.008SUITABLE TIP 94-901-01
94-755-0320 ul0.010.005SUITABLE TIP BOE-984418
94-755-0425 ul0.010.005SUITABLE TIP BOE-984418
94-755-0550 ul0.010.004SUITABLE TIP BOE-984418
94-755-06100 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-984418
94-755-07200 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-984418
94-755-08250 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-984428
94-755-09500 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-984428
94-755-101000 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-984428
94-755-112000 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP 9.409097
94-755-125000 ul0.0080.003SUITABLE TIP 9.409097
94-755-1310 ml0.0060.003SUITABLE TIP BOE-702604

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5 ul, 10 ul, 20 ul, 25 ul, 50 ul, 100 ul, 200 ul, 250 ul, 500 ul, 1000 ul, 2000 ul, 5000 ul, 10 ml


With FIXED volume configuration, certified conformity, with tip ejection and calibration option, CE pursuant to IVD 98/79 EC, suitable for steam sterilisation up to 121°C, delivery complete with calibration tool and pipette holder, with individual serial number and calibration certificate.

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