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DURAN® Laboratory Bottle, Amber, Protect Coated


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Product CodeCapacity – mlDiameter – mmHeight – mmGraduations ColourColourThread – GLOther
21-806-1433253670WHITEAMBERGL 25NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-1733504687WHITEAMBERGL 32NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-243810056110WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-363125070138WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-443950086176WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-54351000101225WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-63372000136260WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
21-806-73335000182330WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue
11-735-4810 000227410WHITEAMBERGL 45NO Screw Cap and Pouring Ring, PP, Blue

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25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml, 10 000 ml


without screw cap with DIN thread USP / EP (3.2.1) light transmission graduated
Standardised GL-thread and matching cap system for particularly tight sealing and simple, clean pouring out
The coating provides scratch, leak* and splinter* protection (* only applies to bottles 5000 ml and less)
UV protection up to approx. 500 nm due to external colouration
The only external application of the colour ensures that internal surfaces have standard DURAN® glass properties
Complete with blue screw cap (PP, integral lip seal) and pouring ring (PP) for drip-free pouring and clean, safe working
Easy-to-read scale with graduation marks to estimate the content
Sizes 10 and 25 ml with specially shaped glass edge for improved pouring out whereby an additional plastic pouring ring is not required

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