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Dewar Flasks Cylindrical with Blue Coated Metal Cover


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Product CodeC – Bot OD – mmTypeCapacity – mlA – ID – mmB – Top OD – mmD – Inner H – mmE – Outer H – mmHold Time – HoursEvap Rate – L / d
INST-10216300 C10040569013570.3
INST-1022630 C2004056170215210.2
INST-1023721 C3004760190240310.2
INST-1024722 C4504760270310460.25
INST-1025813 C5005770210260300.35
INST-1026814 C7505770310370590.3
INST-1027815 C125057705005501180.25
INST-1028906 C8006780240295540.35
INST-1029907 C12006780350395980.3
INST-10210908 C170067805005601360.3
INST-102111059 C10007795235290600.3.5
INST-1021210510 C15007795345395800.4
INST-1021310511 C210077955005501300.4
INST-1021412412 C150090115245300530.5
INST-1021512413 C200090115340390900.5
INST-1021612414 C3200901156006651930.45
INST-1021713015 C15001001203240300490.7
INST-1021813016 C2000100120290345770.6
INST-1021913017 C40001001206006601560.65
INST-1022014018 C2500110130290345740.7
INST-1022114019 C50001101306006602070.6
INST-1022216520 C3000138160230280551.2
INST-10223165S 21 C4000138160310375921
INST-10224165S 22 C80001381606006602200.9

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00 C, 0 C, 1 C, 2 C, 3 C, 4 C, 5 C, 6 C, 7 C, 8 C, 9 C, 10 C, 11 C, 12 C, 13 C, 14 C, 15 C, 16 C, 17 C, 18 C, 19 C, 20 C, S 21 C, S 22 C


flexible applications in laboratory
cooling of small samples
liquid nitrogen ( LN2 )
dry ice ( CO2 )
other coolants
as insulating flask
high insulating ability
easy handling
made of Borosilicatglass 3.3
fully silvered ( standard )
not silvered
silvered with viewing stripes

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